Don't know which of the 600+ Business Events to attend in San Antonio every month? 

We have the tools to make sure you get to the right business events

Start A sUBSCRIPTION so you will always know the right events to attend!

Premium Business Calendar

With the Premium Calendar you get:

  • 2 Weeks of Events
  • Multiple Calendars Views
  • Add filtered events to your calendar
  • 6 event filters and multiple Categories
  • And more

Recommended Weekly Events

With the Recommended Weekly Events you get: 

  • Top 10-15 events for the week
  • Events sent Direct to your Calendar
  • Show/hide events with a simple click
  • Have event details in your calendar
  • And more

Why Should You Become a Member?

Don't want to miss important events

Every week San Antonio has at a few events you should consider attending. We make sure you know about them.

Let us do the work for you

It would take you many hours a week to find the events and then more time to sort through them! We do it for you

Premium Business Calendar

Get access to a full featured events calendars that allows you to filler the events that meet your criteria.

Suggested events for the week

The Premium calendar also includes a list of suggested event for the week. This is a longer 25-30 event list.

Recommended Events  in your Calendar

  Recommended events will be fed right to your own calendar with just the click of a button! 

TUTORIALS & easy setup

 With full support & tutorials, we've made it simple to get you up & running and are always available for help!  

Contact us at or 210-370-7550 for more Information

Why are we so special?

We have the tools that will let you know the best business events to attend.  Doing this on your own would take 10+ hours a week! Let us do it for you! 

What you get with your Membership!

Our goal is to get you the best business events for the week and to give you a powerful development tool.

Events in your calendar

The top weekly events

Est. 10-15 events a week

Details in your Calendar

Choice of Event feeds

Premium Calendar Features Included

Filter Bar

Share Events

Event Search

Add to Calendar

2 Weeks of Events

Related Events

Suggest Events

Trending Events

Multiple Views

Network Plan

Start Your Membership Today



$19.99 / month

Month to Month



$9.99 / month

Quarterly Subscriptions



$14.99 / month

Month to Month Subscriptions

Contact us at or 210-370-7550 for more Information


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